Georgia is a temptation of tastes, luxury shopping and comfort – Prices and opportunities

Supermarkets and Markets
Food prices in chain-type supermarkets do not differ much. The most popular stores include Spar, Goodwill, Carrefour, Smart, Nikora, Ioli, Ibisi, Foodmart and Populi. Large cities also have a chain of Europroduct stores, where goods from Europe predominate. There are also shops with Belarusian products where you can find milk, jam, meat products and alcohol.
The stores have a lot of imported goods from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, such as cereals, milk, cheeses, sour cream, bread, spices, butter and chocolate. Fruits and vegetables are usually quite expensive, especially in winter and spring. Their prices are about the same as in Russia and Belarus, but they are one and a half to two times cheaper on the market, and you can always bargain there. Be sure to try local cheeses, churchkhela, wine and pastries.
By the way, local supermarkets often arrange wine tastings. For example, in the Goodwill chain of stores, they are held almost every day, and the promoters speak excellent Russian and talk about the features of each drink.
Supermarkets also often sell ready-made salads, meat dishes, and other prepared meals. Lunch or dinner from such products is quite budgetary. For 100 grams of salad (vinaigrette, olivier, vegetable) you will pay about $ 0.4, for a cutlet – an average of $ 1, and for a pancake with various fillings – $ 0.4. If you want to enjoy dessert, then get ready to pay another 0.6-1 dollar.

Wine and meat
For a more profitable purchase of wine, it is recommended to turn to draft options in the market or in small shops, the location of which is better to find out from local residents. Draft wine is usually much cheaper than bottled wine (on average, from 2 to 4 dollars per liter) and has a more attractive taste.
The same applies to meat: it is easy to find in supermarkets such as Goodwill, Smart or Populi. However, it is worth noting that in small supermarkets like Spar, Carrefour or Nikora, fresh meat may not be available. But on the market you can buy fresh meat at lower prices: beef can be bought for 5-6 dollars per kilogram, chicken – for 2-2.5 dollars. In Tbilisi, for such purchases, you can go to the Deserter Market, which is located almost in the center of the city. Another option is the Samgori (Navtlugi) food market near the railway station – the assortment here is almost the same as in the Deserter market, but the prices are noticeably lower.

If we are talking about churchkhela, then it is better to buy it in reliable places. Although it is sold on every corner, there is no guarantee that it is made from natural ingredients. Often, the cheapest juices, soda and sugar are used for cooking.
The real churchkhela, in the classic version, is made from the juice of various grape varieties and the fake taste cannot be compared with it. The cost depends on the volume of nuts and size, but on average prices range from 1 to 1.5 dollars. However, Georgian gourmets claim that the best churchkhela is sold in Kakheti and costs at least 1.6-2 dollars. If you did not have the opportunity to get to Kakheti, this local sweet can be purchased in large cities. For example, in Tbilisi it can be found in the Badagi shop, as well as in a special department on the lower floor of the Tbilisi Galleria, as well as in the Nikora supermarket chain (recognizable red and pink graphics, the name is written in Georgian).

In Georgia, it is impossible to simply pass by bakery products, which are a real gastronomic delight. In every supermarket and on almost every street you will find a huge selection of fresh bread, as well as bakeries and stalls selling khachapuri and a variety of pastries. It all looks especially attractive in the morning, when locals bring home freshly baked Georgian Shoti bread for breakfast.
The prices for these items are quite reasonable. A small khachapuri costs from $0.8 to $1, and various muffins, biscuits with filling, keda and baklava can be purchased for $0.2–0.6. A piece of apple pie can be bought for $1. Puff pastries with meat, spinach or bean fillings cost from $0.6 to $0.8.

Fast food
In Georgia, you can find both world-famous fast food chains such as KFC and McDonald’s, as well as local establishments such as Murgy’s Burger, Wendy’s, Mr. Cook and others. Burger prices here range from about $1 to $3.60 depending on the type and number of patties and toppings. Six strips cost about $2, while a large fries and a large glass of cola each cost $0.6.
Prices for coffee in cafes are quite high: in fast food, a large cappuccino will cost about $1.8, and in chain coffee shops – from $2 to $3.5. One popular coffee shop chain is Coffeesta, where a large cappuccino currently costs $2.30. Most locals prefer instant coffee, which can be purchased at any printed kiosk for $0.3.

Cafes and restaurants
The cost of food in Georgia is considered inexpensive. According to, the average cost per person per month is about $324, and for a family of four, $880.
An entry to an inexpensive restaurant in Georgia for one person will cost between $6-18, an average of about $10 throughout the country. A three-course dinner at a mid-range restaurant for two people will cost between $23 and $62. In establishments like McMeal, McDonald’s and similar fast food places, you can dine for $7.
The most popular cafe chains in Tbilisi are Machakhela and Samikitno. They belong to the same owner, offer average prices and a wide selection. Another good chain of food outlets with affordable prices is Taglaura. Almost all establishments are located in the city center. Keep in mind that most cafes and restaurants already include a tip of 10% on the bill.

Clothing and shopping
In the major cities of Georgia, you can find affordable international clothing chains such as Waikiki or H&M. However, a more profitable option is to visit the market. For example, in Tbilisi, at the Lilo market, which is located near the airport, a wide variety of clothes is presented. Here, all goods are sold without an extra charge, which can be found in boutiques and is 40-50%. More central, but also more expensive, is the Deserter’s Market.
If you prefer more “civilized” shopping, then you should look into the shopping centers Tbilisi Galleria, Tbilisi Mall, East Point, shopping center “Karvasala”. You can also stroll along Rustaveli Avenue, where there are many boutiques and shops of famous brands. In shopping centers, prices for clothes do not differ much from what we are used to.
Below are approximate prices for clothes and shoes of the average price range:
⦁ Levis 501 jeans or similar brand for value and quality: $29 to $155.
⦁ Women’s summer dress in Zara, H&M stores: from $21.5 to $97.
⦁ Pair of Nike sneakers: $58 to $155
⦁ A pair of men’s leather shoes: $62 to $252.

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