December 28, 2021


December 25, 2021

the Rose

December 7, 2021

I had an old dream to live in a house by the sea. Thanks to Rezo, it came true. I met him on Facebook. I flew to Batumi and Rezo took me to watch. I had wishes: all communications, proximity to the sea, the possibility of reconstruction and redevelopment of the house according to my wishes. My budget was small and did not meet my global needs. But Rezo guessed what I wanted and offered me my dream house. In a quiet place in Makhinjauri, 370 meters from the sea, close to all infrastructure, shops, restaurants, pharmacy, bakery. Electricity, water on the site, gas was also connected for 800 GEL. I made a house reconstruction project and now instead of 157 sq. m. There will be 300. Building, making my dream a reality. Thanks to Rezo, my esteemed realtor, for helping me buy a wonderful home. I recommend you as a sincere, honest, professional specialist and kind person. I invite you to visit.


December 1, 2021


August 9, 2021

I spent a long time choosing an apartment, but thanks to Arthur's professionalism, I found an option suitable in all respects. Thanks a lot! I wish the agency success and prosperity!


August 7, 2021

I met Ignat, a company specialist in November 2019. I had an extremely difficult task to find comfortable housing, in a comfortable area, with shops, and public transport, for an extremely limited budget. Ignat coped with his task perfectly! We found me an interesting apartment of 44m2 on the 6th floor of a pretty twelve-story building on Georgy Brtskenvale Street. Against the background of other proposals, this complex stood out positively, in this price segment, the quality of construction, terms and the insulated facade. With the help of Ignat, I bought this apartment in installments for 20 months! Despite the fact that the developer canceled this opportunity just last week. And now, for 5 months now, I have been living in my brand new renovated apartment. Ignat promised that there would be a supermarket in the area and that the street would definitely be put in order. At that time, she was a mud mud. And indeed, the street was put in order by the beginning of 2020, a nice dividing strip with a lawn in the middle of the road was made, and nice bushes and palm trees were planted. There are convenient sidewalks along the edges of the road. As many as 4 supermarkets have opened just one block from my house, they have launched 11 buses that kindly drop me off right at the entrance to my yard. After negotiations, we went straight to the bank to pay the first installment! One hour after we left the developer's office, I became the proud owner of real estate in Batumi. Thanks to the team for the quality and excellent work!


April 30, 2021

Good day to all! I would like to separately thank the specialist Arthur! He is really a professional in his field, he accompanied me from start to finish, he really selected all the criteria based on my needs, a very honest specialist, I want to wish him good health and fruitful work so that he has more loyal customers! Thank you very much again)


April 14, 2021

In 2020, in February, we came to celebrate our birthday in Batumi and fell in love with this wonderful city. The decision to buy an apartment was very spontaneous, literally in one evening we chose the project of our dreams. We were very lucky to get to know our realtors, Artur, without prior agreement, we called Arthur was told that we wanted to see the house, Arthur immediately came. Since the decision was spontaneous, we did not know anything about the project, not about the conditions, Arthur told us everything as honestly as possible, after which all doubts about the purchase were dispelled. for a year after the purchase, we keep in touch, you can always write if you have any difficulties or questions, Arthur always sends a photo of how the construction of the house is progressing. Thank you very much, I hope to cooperate in the future

Beisegul Urkinbaeap

April 5, 2021

In March 2021, my husband and I went to the city of Batumi in order to purchase an apartment. We searched for a long time on the Internet for a conscientious and responsible real estate company, or a separate realtor whom we could trust.I will not deny that there was an inner fear, and suddenly they will throw or slip a bad apartment, and in general how the locals will treat us. I must say right away that all the locals are very friendly, sympathetic, smiling, fluent in Russian, so we did not experience any language barrier. We arrived in Batumi on Friday, and on Monday evening we had to leave back to Alma-Ata. While still in Kazakhstan in search of housing, we decided thanks to the correspondence on the Internet and opted for the realtor Artur Loginov, who very objectively and comprehensively gave us a description of each house that interested us. I would like to especially emphasize his awareness of almost all residential complexes under construction in Batumi, patience with our endless questions, tact, endless displays on his personal car (absolutely free) in a frantic rhythm of time, and thanks to all his professional qualities, we managed to buy the desired an apartment according to our not very large budget in a beautiful residential complex on the Alla of Glory. And the Nikorsa employees Maya and Nino (I remembered only the names, if I misspelled them, I apologize) helped us in the quick registration of the purchase and sale, and also this company gave us a good discount when buying, for which they are very THANKS !!
In Georgia, the registration of the sale and purchase is done quickly and inexpensively without any problems (in total, the equivalent of the lari in the national currency cost us $ 25), and now compare this procedure with Turkey, and the documents are immediately handed out in cargo and Russian languages. ... Literally the whole procedure took no more than 2 hours!
A separate heartfelt thanks to the realtor Artur Loginov and his wife Marianna, who also very, very much helped us when choosing a home.

For those who want to buy housing on the seashore in the beautiful city of Batumi, my husband and I responsibly recommend, without doubt and fear, to use the services of Artur Loginov.

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